About Us

The Holy Grail of Network Marketing™ is an international training and coaching organization founded by Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates and Tony and AJ Regulbuto for the sole purpose of helping professionals break away from the pack. The Holy Grail strategies are specifically calculated to help people from all walks of life multiply their cash flow dramatically and in short order.

At The Holy Grail, we all believe that Network Marketing is a privilege with an inherent responsibility to be accepted and demonstrated by all of us lucky enough to have found this profession. That responsibility is to rise to our full potential and in so doing create enough discretionary income to leave this world much better than the one into which we were born.

For the last decade, an infectious virus we call placid averagism, or P.A., has spread unchecked through Network Marketing and Direct Sales. In one of the only professions with no boundaries or caps on earnings, many infected entrepreneurs have grown content with financially tolerable comfort zones as if they had no worldly concerns beyond their own personal wants and desires. Some who could clearly achieve radical wealth have chosen instead to confuse the edge of their ruts for the horizon.

The Holy Grail of Network Marketing™ Collection will consistently promote the doctrine of no-limits income for those bold enough to join our profession. We will also advance our values-based code of business which holds that those who achieve quantum wealth should use a portion of it to facilitate altruistic goals bigger than themselves.

The virus of placid averagism is fortunately not Holy Grail resistant, nor has it mutated enough to infect everyone. By catching it in time, we hope to stem its spread and return all Networkers to their healthy goal of global improvement through unlimited prosperity.

Mark Yarnell is an accomplished author, orator, and international business leader with twenty-one years of applied Network Marketing experience. He has built a successful international distribution organization of more than 300,000 marketing representatives in twenty-one countries.

Mark has delivered presentations and speeches throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has authored and published several bestsellers, including Your First Year in Network Marketing, Self-Wealth and Your Best Year in Network Marketing

As a respected advocate of the Network Marketing Industry, Mark was the first and only person from Networking to serve as Contributing Editor to Success Magazine. He and Dr. Charles King of Harvard University created the first certification course in Network Marketing taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago and in Seoul, Korea since 1993.

Mark has been honored and recognized internationally with numerous awards in the industry, including the American Dream Award, Leadership Award, Distributor of the Year Award, and was named the Greatest Networker in the World by Upline Magazine.

Mark has been indoctrinated into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame and has founded and supported a variety of charitable organizations. He founded both The Eagles, a literary organization for penitentiary inmates and the School of Sobriety, the only free treatment program in Nevada for alcoholics and addicts. His charitable work earned him the Nevada Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Washington Times. Mark and his wife Valerie live in British Columbia.

Valerie Bates has 25 years experience helping people and organizations develop their potential. Co-author of Self-Wealth: Creating Prosperity, Balance and Serenity in Your Life, Valerie co-founded The International Institute for Self-Wealth. With twelve years’ experience in Network Marketing in both the field and corporate, Valerie brings a unique approach to training and coaching Distributors.

Valerie has co-designed and co-delivered leadership programs based on the principles of Self-Wealth, including a program for Network Marketing Professionals. She has also designed and taught Leadership Programs to the Center for Leadership in Ontario and the Centre for Executive and Management Development in British Columbia.

Having owned a Management Consulting practice for ten years where she conducted strategic planning for organizations as diverse as Digital Equipment Corporation, Governments and Small Businesses, Valerie brings a unique perspective to the Network Marketing industry.

Mark and Valerie are married and reside in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia Canada. They are currently at work on the newest Volume in the Holy Grail Collection and delivering speeches and training at numerous conventions.

Tony Regulbuto, President of Marketing for the Holy Grail, brings over 30 years of marketing experience. He is a diverse, professional marketer, motivator, net worker and entertainer.

Tony has diverse knowledge derived from ownership in marketing corporations, a closed circuit television station, as well as building an extremely profitable network marketing organization.

Throughout the years, Tony has successfully trained thousands of sales people and managers, and is a dynamic motivational speaker. He has spent numerous years as a professional singer and entertainer performing concerts throughout the country.

Tony and his wife Vicky are the proud parents of 2 sons and 2 daughters and one granddaughter. They share their time between Upstate New York (mountains & snow) and Florida (sunshine & beaches) with their dedicated constant companion Dogue de Bordeau, Beau, who may not work in their businesses but certainly runs the family.

AJ Regulbuto, Vice President of Marketing is the second generation in the family owned marketing corporation. As a young child, AJ learned to be responsible, set goals and learned first hand to motivate, teach and market. He starting training in karate at the age of 7, achieved his 4th degree Black Belt at the age of 18, and then held a position as program director in one of the largest martial arts organizations in the country.

AJ was a Grand Champion in tournament karate and a middle weight Golden Gloves Boxing title winner, before bringing his work ethic and competitive spirit to the family business. He attributes his business education and marketing skills to observing his father’s growth and achievement and has been instrumental in propelling the family business forward.

After nurturing a wonderful 20 year friendship, Mark and Tony, along with AJ and Valerie have joined forces to share Mark Yarnell’s Holy Grail of Network Marketing™.